Autosalon - English


With more then half a million visitors, the autosalon is by far the biggest car-expo of Belgium. The salon is orgaized by Febiac, the automobile Federation. Big autoconcerns love using these kind of expositions to show of their "clean green" cars. 

But Dieselgate showed us that dieselcars emit a lot more soot than their companies claim they do on paper. We are talking about a deliberate scam organized on a huge scale by all those involved. Profit beats the environment once again. Furthermore it's a fact that there are already way to many cars in our country. Our roads are congested and (deadly) accidents occur on a daily basis. The high amounts of particulars in the air lead to early deaths. All motorized vehicles together contribute nothing less than 22 procent of all greenhouse emissions in Belgium.

The amount of cars needs to diminish fast, yet every year the autosalon leads to a giant boost in sales. Today the car still rules over our roads like an emperor, but after the dieselgate-revelations  the emperor apppears to be naked after all...