Lampiris - English


"Choose for Nature and a Low Bill". Energyconcern Lampiris seduces it's customers with this slogan. What they don't mention is that in june 2016 the company was bought by the big oilconcern Total.

Since then Lampiris is nothing more then the green businesscard of a giant polluting multinational. Total is the fourth biggest producer of oil and gas in the world. The company works together with Russian Gasprom, with whom they drill in the fragile ecosystem of the Arctic. Furthermore Total fracks for shale gas in the Canadian province of Alberta, which has sincere consequences for the local environment.

Next to being a environmental disaster Total's reputation on human rights and ethics is also abismal. The company was responsibe for the shipwreck of the oil tanker Erika in 1999 and is allegedly linked to financing the military dicatoriship in Myanmar. In other words: Lampiris has gone TOTAL-ly bad.