Consumeat - English


The meat industry contributes up to 15 percent of greenhouse emissions worldwide. Eating a steak equals driving 70 kms  in a regular car. For the production of every kg of beef no less than 15.000 liters of water is needed. In comparison, 1 kg of wheat only needs 900 liters.

The consumption of meat impacts our planet, and industrial meat production everywhere is linked to animal suffering. Videos shot by animal rights groups in Flemish slaughterhouses show us the brutality of our meat production. Furthermore excessive consumption of mainly red meats can lead to a whole range of health issues. 

For all these reasons a growing number of people have stopped eating meat, and campaigns promoting a less-meat-based diet are very well received. As a countermove the innovation platform Flanders Food, together with the meat industry and the Flemish Government, started Consumeat: a project meant to rebrand and revitalize the reputation of meat in Flanders. The world turned upside down...

Flemish minister for innovation Philip Muyters still has to officialy greenlight the Consumeat Project. Maybe a Greenwash Award coupled with a bit of media attention can give the project a last push to the bin.